Pregnancy week; 15


So I'm 15 and a half weeks pregnant now (5 days until the gender scan!) and we're in the middle of moving (finally!). However, we have so much to do and I'm left to pack, clean and heavy lift - which is really not ideal. I get back pains and aching pains in my stomach and obviously I get exhausted. I still have the fainting issue and naturally at my last appointment I fainted in hospital so a doctor came and said it's due to low blood sugar and high level of ketones in my pee - which means I need to eat more as my body is breaking down whatever it can to sustain me living and all that.

I'm just too busy to eat and it's not going to help in the new house as we won't get a fridge until next week and the shops are far away :( We still need to order a cooker and a washing machine but there is zero signal at the new house, I have to step outside to get any internet and broadband isn't installed until the 16th! 

They also informed us that the house was built with asbestos! Not into it, at all.

My little baby, however, is the size of an apple this week! I feel it move every now and then but it's very rare. It usually happens when I've been on my feet too long moving boxes.

We have to sleep in the new house tonight and there is so much painting to do and we need to buy flooring and put that down and change double taps to mixer taps. Joy.

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