Pregnancy week; 16 and Gender scan


Excuse this weeks horribly, bad picture! This was probably the second day we had moved into our house and in a black bedroom with bags and boxes everywhere, you can't really expect too much :P

This week hasn't been too exciting. I've had some painful baby movements that's caught me by surprise but it's very inactive and I haven't felt it for days now - good thing I have a doppler otherwise that would be stressful!

My stomach then, I would expect to be massive by now. When I sit down I have nothing at all and when I stand up I just feel bloated, not like I'm pregnant!

I'm eating more and haven't been faint since when I saw the doctor in hospital but I've still not even gained back what I've lost. So I want to assume I won't gain 40+ pounds like I did with Eden, hopefully it's a more comfortable 11 pounds like with Jesse. There is no reason to gain fat anyway, won't help anyone.

I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and it's gone so quick it's crazy, because the first 12 weeks were the slowest of my life!

So onto this 3D scan we had a few days ago. It was a 30 minute scan and Baby didn't move it's umbilical cord the entire time! I was jumping and peeing and spinning around but nope. Cord. The last minute the sonographer said it looks like 'hmmm hmmm' but pictures and cord between the legs hasn't made us feel like we trust what she said. After all, if they can't see the gender you get another scan for free - and we can understand they rather guess than give you something for free!
So we haven't been able to buy clothes STILL because we rather wait until our 20 week NHS scan which is on the 11th of August. There better not be any cord blocking the goods because I want to know! I'm going insane!!!
At least it was so great to see the baby in 3D and not just black and white like the normal, free scans.

Thumb sucker!

Either a VERY long and curly penis or Yep, you guessed it - the cord.

Hugging me :D

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