Pregnancy week; 19


New week but not too much change. My bump has gotten a little bit itchy (which happens when the skin stretches) but I have to keep it moisturised and not scratch it - because that weakens the skin and can cause stretch marks, and I really don't want any of those, I've survived two pregnancies without getting them so I pray it's good genetics that are keeping them at bay.

I've had a lot more cramping in my waist but I don't think it's due to the kidney infection (which should have cleared now) but if I lay on my back it puts a strain on something in there and it makes me be in a lot of pain. I don't even know why I end up on my back, I'm normally a stomach sleeper and usually have no problems with that even full term but this baby absolutely HATES it when I try to lay on it, it moves like crazy and it really hurts. So then I try to be on my side but the whole baby package then fall down and it gets heavy and achy and my back takes the hit. I do need to find a good pregnancy pillow. Normally I tuck the duvet under myself but my husband is a duvet stealer and it makes for a very uncomfortable night for me with not a lot of sleep. Yet another issue men don't think about at all because they don't have to live through this!

This week the baby is the size of a mango and it can dream which means it'll start having its very own sleep patterns - which usually mean awake at night, inactive during the day.

(also today was the due date of the baby I lost, but I'm feeling really blessed that I have the chance to bond with the same soul that now patiently awaits in my belly)

I finally got to take some pictures of my two little ones yesterday. Eden hates being in photos so he's usually never included in anything, little sour man.

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