Pregnancy week; 20 + Scan


This week has been the longest ever - and I'm sure I say that every week. But we had our NHS scan and everything was good, except they didn't sound sure about the gender as baby had its legs crossed so I had to book in a second private scan for last night, where we finally found out who's in there ;)

Nothing new has happened in terms of symptoms except that baby moves ALL the time now. It has definitely started feeling my touch and give little thumps to tell me either it loves me or to get off it :P

This week baby is no longer being measured from head to bum, but from head to heel which means it 'grew' massively from last week :D So old measurement it should be about 16 cm but all the way down to foot it's now 25 cm! During the NHS scan they told me it weighs 11 ounces (299 grams) which is spot on so obviously, the 26th of December stay as official due date - however, I will naturally do everything I can to try and get it out around the 20th because I want it to be with us for Christmas, and having to postpone Christmas for Jesse and Eden is not the best start!

We will do our gender announcement this week and then the name reveal. Jesse actually came up with the name and it's a perfect fit <3

 Little baby kept itching its eye and sucking its thumb. Even when the thumb went out of its mouth it kept sucking. None of my babies have been doing this! So cute.

Hard little baby bump!

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