Pregnancy week; 21 & GENDER REVEAL


This week, my baby should measure a whopping 27 cm! That's HALF of the birth length. Can you believe it? Time flies (especially since we're so preoccupied doing the house up still!) and it feels like Christmas is just around the corner - oh I'm so excited! I can not believe I'm having a baby during my favourite holiday ever! :D This week my body is feeling like a whale. I'm huffing and puffing - and my belly isn't even that big, it still disappear when I sit down. I have to turn over really slow or it HURTS. I also still get bad pains in my side and I'm just waiting to get the full force of a kidney infection. Last night I was shaking and crying and hyperventilating because my waist hurt the most it's ever hurt. I had to massage and squeeze it hard and after about half an hour it eased up. The pain just pops up as well, there's no warning before it happens, I had been laying on my back as well so I wasn't shifting the baby to that side. I now have pain in both waists and it alternate between them :(

I haven't updated anything about my weight for a few weeks as I feel there's not much point. Not much is happening. This whole pregnancy I've gained a total of 5 pounds - however it still goes down on some days but never up. I mean, sure, I'm still not eating a lot but I eat when I'm hungry and I'm hardly some super skinny person anymore (since I gained 20 pounds after my miscarriage in January) so I think baby has some to take from ;)

And we finally found out we are having another little PRINCE! I mean obviously, I'm so ready for a girl but I'm probably destined to be a boy mum forever. I love my little boys and can't even imagine having a girl, but hopefully I will live to experience that too :)

And here's the name we picked for our third boy:

Jesse picked the first name, which he just randomly said one day a few months ago when we were out walking, and I really connected with the name.

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