Pregnancy week; 25 (and 22, 23, 24)


As you all probably noticed by now I went a bit awol for like... a month :D I've just felt too gross to take pictures or to do much. I don't even fall asleep at night anymore because it seems Skyler has found the most uncomfortable way to lay - which means he manages to restrict my breathing, kick my bladder AND vagina. It's not easy. Every pregnancy I have seems to get 100 times worse! This is not great news as I want at least 5 children :S Oh dear me. Jesse has started saying "Poor mamma" every single time I try to get up off the sofa because I'm huffing and puffing and owing all the time! I waited sooooo long to get a bump and now I just feel like a stranded whale. How can you go from nothing to massive lump in a blink of an eye??

Even though it feels like it, but I haven't gained that much weight. I didn't gain anything until after week 20 and so in the past 5 weeks I've gained 9 pounds. This week Skyler should be around 35 cm long and weigh just under 1.5 pounds. My boobs are already a size D, and they seem to grow a little bit more with each pregnancy. They started at AA and WITH milk they were a D. I only have the tiniest amount of milk now and I get A LOT of it so I dare not imagine the size these boobies will grow to :S I do have nothing to wear and they are really heavy. I only wear soft bras but they come in sizes S, M, L and normally a S would be my size but even size Large is far too tight :( This is not only due to the size of my breasts but also that my stomach always go all the way up to underneath them, making everything uncomfortable and horrible.

My stomach is now measuring 33 inches - which is an increase by 7 inches from my pre-pregnancy waist. I'm not really sure if this number is at all important as midwives measure the other way - from top of uterus down to the pubic bone. They won't do that until next week, which will be Skyler's first measurement.

This week we went to have a look at the labour ward at my hospital as I've not given birth there before. The problem with that is the car park is a JOKE. You need at least 20 minutes to find a space, you then need to WALK through the entire hospital, up stairs (because the lift is always broken) and then navigate corridors upstairs.

Now, this is not something I'm used to. My last hospital had a separate, quiet entrance and private door outside directly into the ward and when Eden was coming out he was ALREADY out of my hole when we got into the car to drive to the hospital. He was out in 40 minutes and I could easily have had him in our car, because I literally sat on his head. The two minute walk through push labour was far too much and extremely traumatic. Shall I then imagine the same scenario this time? But it will take 40 minutes to get to the ward (even though we live 5 minutes away) and have EVERYONE stare at me when I walk, crying, through the hospital and up some STAIRS??

Yeah that just won't happen. In a million years. Not everyone has long labours or can feel their contractions. So we will plan and have protective sheets at home so I can decide on the day of labour if I know it'll happen - but if it takes us by surprise again I'll have to have a very unplanned home birth. Doesn't faze me though, I have been doing it all natural and drug free so it won't matter. I also want delayed cord clamping which gives enough time for a midwife to get to us to cut the cord. I'm just not sure how the kids and the dog will react :P But the kids know very well that the baby comes out of my vagina and that I'll be in a lot of pain, so I want to assume they're prepared.

It's something very comforting being home around my children anyway, so I kind of hope Skyler pops out in the bath :P

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