Pregnancy week; 26


Let's start last week off with saying - energy! Yes, I've finally had a little bit of that. I've started doing a few things with the decorating of the house, namely - the stairs. I am painting! Now, it's not easy. I can't tell you the added stress of finding foot prints in the freshly made steps or how much longer everything takes when you have kids around. And pets. To try to keep the cat out!

I still get massively distracted, like I was trying to write this post but then decided to take the kids out in the garden to start their own little fairy plot and I can tell you, digging all those massive roots up was not easy. Baaaah, feel totally faint now.

Other than random tasks I STILL have my bedroom to do. I wanted that room to be priority, but we've been in this house for nearly three months now and it's starting to annoy me. I have all this time but I get an hour a day IF I'm lucky. I need a serious case of nesting to get this house sorted before the baby comes. Gary can't do much either, as I want it all done to my standard. Every single project I started so I need to finish it according to my vision. Delegating seems to not work for me :\

Pregnancy wise, my pelvic girdle pain gets so bad when I walk. If I walk a little too fast or too quick or with not enough breaks then my uterus, hips, bum and legs just die. Then I'm knocked out for the rest of the day, limping around.

I still don't sleep. If I'm lucky I fall asleep a bit after 6 in the morning. But last night I had the most horrible dream! I dreamt I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and found that Baby had died 2 hours previously!!! I've never had anxiety dreams like this before. My mind is being super weird, like it feels like he'd be safer on the outside than on the inside :(

Some preggo boobies :P

Little Skyler should be 1-2 pounds now (big difference!) and be 14 inches (well I'm actually on week 27 now so he's a little bit bigger).

I've just started feeling hiccups - but it's like vibrations in my vagina and bum! Literally, so uncomfortable. I googled it and apparently that means he's head down? He does move a lot, but it's not too painful yet. It feels like he'll be here any day, time flies!

Started digging our little garden patch

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