My Birthday!


On the 23rd of October I turned 27!!! Woooop. Or... I'm not sure. In my heart I'm still 15! Well, I'm the same height as when I turned 12 and I think I look the same. So I did not wake up with a bunch of wrinkles or the onset of menopause. Although I would just botox that stress away ;) Speaking of which, I had facial fillers in my nasal lines (laugh lines) two years ago and they are still going strong, so I mean I COULD have woken up to realise my face had melted off... I'm a bit off topic here but I seriously wish I got to whiten my teeth again. It's been a year and a half since last and the non peroxide treatment I have done only lasts exactly 12 months :( I literally feel so yellow, but you can't have your teeth professionally bleached while pregnant so it's been a bit of a wait.

Anyway, my birthday. The kids made me super cute cards and gave me the best gifts - although they couldn't keep off the Minecraft for even one day. So as soon as presents had been opened and they got cake the tv went on :/ I was like... cheers you guys. Gary checked football too and I was bored. Then we went out for a meal and that was good. We had to stress home though because we are trying to leave puppy for a short while at a time to get used to being alone so the maximum time is 1 hour. He usually comes with everywhere but he has been fine. He's learnt how to jump up and down the sofa, get up on my bed (and down) and up and down the stairs, so he is a lot more independent now. We've been sneak watching him when we get home and he's just been sleeping next to Luna on my pregnancy pillow  - good all around pillow that :D

I 'ordered' (meaning - posting a pic on Facebook saying I wanted one) a Tassimo off Gary and it's been a hit. So far we've only tried the Costa Caramel Latte and it's super nice. I don't really drink coffee and definitely not been wanting any during pregnancy but they are nice. I have to pour out half the coffee part though as I don't like when it's strong. Jesse loves it too, he's only been having green tea with me but he has a habit of drinking half my cup of everything. The caffeine aren't doing him or us any good though as he goes crazy for an hour saying the coffee 'made him'. Don't know how much is truth in that statement, caffeine never gives me energy! And I'm someone who, when not pregnant, drink 2 litres of Pepsi Max a day... Can't drink it at all now. Just half a glass gives me extreme stomach pains, but there's only so much you can drink of lemon water before you need something different. 

I got this rose quartz tree from Eden and the rose quartz bracelet from Jesse. This crystal stone has actually always been my favourite. When I was small I loved crystals and I wore a rose quartz necklace because it symbolises love. And love is great! <3

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