New family member!


Nope, it's not the baby - yet! It's a different baby! This is our puppy. He's a Jack Russell terrier mixed with chihuahua. And we've named him Woody because he can't stop chewing on our chairs - and we also love Toy Story, of course :D

He is just over two months old and we've had him since the 30th of September.
It's been super stressful, cause my dog Luna is not letting him chillax at all. The first two days were the worst (but I still have to take her outside every now and then for a time out). Woody is the culprit though, he thinks he's a big dog and attacks her constantly. Obviously they're just playing but Luna gets boisterous so I have to keep an eye on them every single minute. She's the only only that's been bleeding though :/

He's only had a couple of poops and pees inside and it's mostly RIGHT after he was out! Or when Gary's home and I ask him to take him out - because he has the patience of a beach ball, which means I still have to do it myself. But generally, we've been doing good. He's had far less accidents than Luna had when she was a puppy, but she was only 6 weeks old though. I get up 1-2 times a night to take him out and he has not done any potty deeds in my bed. I've had two puppies in my life (prior to Woody) and both were 6 weeks and both needed a toilet break every 2 hours during the night - so I'm THANKFUL Woody isn't the same. 

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