Pregnancy week; 27 & 28 Third trimester!


I'm now 28 weeks pregnant (or in my 29th week as they count in Sweden) and officially in the Third trimester <3 Which means he'll be here soon! (and it's also Christmas in just 80 days!!!!) 
I still don't feel my stomach being very big, it measures a whopping 35 inches though, that's an increase by 9 inches from my normal waistline and 2 more inches from two weeks ago. When I look at pictures I think I look MASSIVE and I seriously can't believe how big I am.

I think that I'm in a bit of a nesting period because all of a sudden it's all hit me - how MUCH I still have to do, not only with the house but with small important details regarding the baby. In the house we still need to finish my bedroom floor and walls, living room and hallways flooring, some cupboard painting in the kitchen, paint the utility room and find flooring, hang curtains, lampshades, paint the bathroom, put new flooring in the bathroom (because I'm not into the brown we bought and installed), paint the stairs etc etc and ALL of these things are impossible with this puppy because he don't want to be left alone but he's totally into paint. Super stressful.

For the baby I still have one side of the cot bed to finish painting, then we need to buy a bath, hats, bed sheets, pram, car seat etc etc

And I have to buy all the Christmas gifts, lights for Halloween... I need a labour dress, breast pads, hundreds of nappies and wipes for Skyler. Gaaaaaahhh, I don't even know where to start :( I want to do it all but what should be done first? I've done a million lists but give up, my brain is mash.

Actually, I had to sew a shirt for the puppy out of a baby sleep suit because it's freezing cold outside and we have no puppy clothes yet and apparently as soon as I made it I threw it in the bin!! Hahaha, didn't notice until 12 hours later when I was looking for it. Pregnancy brain is real. Don't know where I am most of the time - so do you think I can start ticking off things from a massive list???

Weight gain this far is 15 pounds, not too bad but it feels like a lot more. I have not got any stretch marks but seeing as I haven't got any from any previous pregnancy I want to assume I just don't have the genetics for it. Here's to hoping! Belly button hasn't popped either but I have a deep inwards one so I usually last until week 37 until that happens. And no linea nigra on my stomach either, I only got that the first time, when I was expecting Jesse.

I have some serious pelvic girdle pain and sciatica and I'm still limping around. I have started having more pressure in my vagina too. Boooooo.

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