Desk project!


With Skyler coming in about 3 weeks time and space needed for a Christmas tree we've had to rethink the layout in our living room (with cribs and dining table and seriously tight). My laptop desk was positioned in the corner our tree will go and on the other side of the room there's only a small space next to the crib, so I were looking for a shorter type of desk. I really wanted a vintage style one but they are BIG. Not much compact living back in the day. I found this little gem in Argos and it was £50 on sale. Obviously hideous and far from old style so I had to Shabby Chic it a little bit.

I already had chalk paint at home that were previously used on a wall in our old house. It's 1829 Craig & Rose in shade 'Swedish blue' - what else? :D Two layers of that then two more layers of clear varnish and some gold paint and sand papering to distress. I got a little mould swag from Ebay to give it a little extra. I painted that in the same blue and softly added the gold on top. Easy, peasy and done!

The paper I used for the front is actually the paper Gary wrapped my birthday presents in! Waste not ;)

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