Pregnancy week; 34


Have I really not done a pregnancy update in 6 weeks? :O Well, to think it's probably only another 5 weeks to go before I get to meet my little baby is crazy, maybe you won't even get an update until he's here then :P To be honest, the pelvic pain I've had has been an absolute nightmare. I have extreme shooting pains in my right bum cheek and if I try to do ANYTHING during the day I might as well install a chair lift on the stairs. I hope all this disappear the second Skyler is out because it's not fun.

This past week I've had the most change in symptoms. Skyler has been hiccuping several times a day for about 20-30 minutes each time and I still feel them in my bum! So I assume he's still facing down. He's not dug himself into my pelvis yet, what's that called? Lightening or something, but I read that might actually not happen until you're IN labour if it's not your first. I remember that with Jesse I had such an extreme pressure down below for weeks prior to birth and with Eden it happened right after sex - which is when my labour started. So if anything that's a good indication of when it's all about to happen.

I've also started feeling quite 'ill' as in nausea, stomach pains, back cramps and it's every day but it comes and goes. I've not had any sleep in a long time because my vagina and bum and hips are in agony and if I move in bed it hurts so much I can't even breathe. I'm someone who toss and turn a lot so my whole night is just an agony fest.

This week, Skyler should weigh between 5 and 6 pounds, and seeing as both my boys were around or over 8 pounds I would guess that little Baby S is nearer to 6, as they gain half a pound each week. Weird going from the early weeks where the 'foetus' gained only a few grams every week! He should measure around 45 cm but I have very long babies so he's most likely larger than that.

I do feel he'll be early, obviously both calculations for Jesse and Eden put them at 39 weeks and 5 days, but I seriously want him at 39 weeks. I'm over the pain, I'm over not being able to do anything with the kids and we all just want to meet this dude now!

Jesse wants to kiss and hold Skyler every day and he says 'Hi' to him, he's so excited to meet his little bro! 
My phone broke so I have had to get a temporary Lumia but no one told me that Microsoft don't do any apps - I mean, even Instagram is a bad 'Beta' version! So I haven't been able to use my pregnancy apps, and every saturday it's been our thing to check baby's hand size in 'Ovia' and the countdown circle on my swedish pregnancy app, so Jesse was a bit saddened by this. Thankfully, I remembered his tablet has the Android system, so he now has the apps himself! Disaster diverted :D

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