Baby! + 8 days post partum


Well he's here! Our little boy Skyler Winter. Born on the 20th of December at 00.40. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces (3550 kg) and was 48 cm long.

I went into hospital to be induced on the 19th at 2.30 pm. I was waiting around the ward until 5 pm when they checked my cervix and it was 1 cm dilated, so they decided to insert some gel to soften it. At 7 pm I got some back contractions. They weren't painful but uncomfortable. I decided to just keep walking on the spot to quicken up the process. Wasn't much I could do, with the pelvic pain and everything my whole body was burning. At 12 am they checked my cervix again and said it was 3 cm so she decided to break the waters - with a VERY long, thick knitting needle :S A tiny trickle came out so she wasn't sure it broke completely so she was going to get another midwife while I went for a pee.

When I came back I started dripping on the floor so I lay down on the bed and all of a sudden it felt like I was peeing! A LOT. It kept coming. I was half laughing because it felt so odd and it didn't stop! I had to ask Gary to check the colour of it, but he said it was clear. When it stopped I got out of bed and as I stood up I had a very painful contraction which felt like water trickling down my thighs. In the midst of that the midwife was back. I got onto the bed (still in the ward with other women) and my second PAINFUL contraction brought with the urge to push. The midwife stood there in serious chock. She had no idea you could get into actual push stage from 3 cm to 10 cm in less than 10 minutes. I was growling like mad saying "I NEED TO PUSH NOOOOOOOOOW".

The midwife asked if I could walk to the delivery suite or if I needed a wheel chair. I was like: "I'm staying in this BED, he is COMING NOW!" So loads of midwives showed up and wheeled me out while I was pushing in the hallway (on my side!)

When we got into the room they forced gas and air on me (I was going to have no drugs with this labour like with Eden as the gas and air made me sick with Jesse). I have no idea how the labour with Eden went but I was absolutely dying from pain this time, so I grabbed the gas and air - which ehhh does nothing. They made me get onto my back even though after being disabled by the pelvic pain I hadn't been able to be on my back at all for a week. PAIN. It took about 7 pushes from that stage before Skyler was out - far more than the 2 I had with Eden.

They tried telling me to stop pushing at first because I could damage my cervix if I wasn't fully dilated. But would you need to push if you aren't?? She popped her fingers in but realised his head was THERE. So she was like... "Ok, push". Seriously! I think a woman's body knows what to do and when.

So when he was out, the biggest placenta in history came shortly after. It was as big as Skyler was! The midwife squeezed my stomach and said uterus had shrunk great already. But I could hardly hold Skyler for three hours after because I kept getting back contractions regularly and I was crying for paracetamol. It took them almost 2 hours to bring it to me. The whole thing about pelvic girdle pain getting immediately better after labour was a LIE. I was in agony.

So Skyler was born 40 minutes after they broke my water and at 4 am they told Gary he had to leave and I needed to take my stuff and move to the ward. Seriously - I was still in agony. I now had to face the night without sleep, with a mucusy baby who didn't sleep a minute who I had to drag with me across the ward to go to the toilet every hour. They clearly don't think WOMEN need a break after pushing a baby out. No support. No help. Left completely alone :S Ended up having two big arguments with the staff. I was so pissed off.

At least he's here and it didn't take too long!

How's my body been since this traumatic thing called labour?
Painful. Achy and bleeding like crazy. Couldn't poo for a day or two because of residual pressure on my bum but then I got the shits and all came out :D Thumbs up for that. Been really out of breathe and taken some iron tablets but they give me so much stomach pain. I had to have paracetamol for the first three days due to uterus and pelvis/back pain.

My boobs are massive and were SO painful for the first 5 days but they are finally settling down a bit. I still go through 30 breast pads a day though due to insane leakage. 

Weight wise, I was 144 pounds the day before going into labour. The day after I was 131 and today 8 days post partum I'm 126. I'm down 18 pounds and have another 30 to go to my pre-pregnancy weight.

My waist went from 38 inches to today's 30 inches. Normal measurement for me is 25-26, so I have a few more to go there. My stomach never felt wobbly, it's still been 'tight' but with added fat on top. No stretch marks this time either! Happy with that for sure.

I haven't been trying to lose weight yet as I've been eating so much sweets every day. I don't actually have to lose it as my body is really quick going back by itself. But I like being healthy so I will get motivated once January is here - new year and all that!

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