Pregnancy week; 37


Today I'm 37 weeks pregnant! I'm getting really bored of waiting for this little one to arrive as I'm now on my 14th pregnancy month - me and all the other elephants... Fact is, I've only been NOT pregnant for 13 days since October 2014, due to the miscarriage. That's a long time to feel like poo.

This week, Skyler is full term, or term, as some countries count it as 'full term' from week 39. Both my boys were born in week 39 so I hope it's only two more weeks to go! I'm seriously so bored that I rather be in labour so at least SOMETHING is happening.

Baby should weigh about 6.5 pounds but that means he has 1.5-2 pounds to gain in two weeks, that's a lot. 
Speaking of weight gain, I've gained half an adult person myself. Not all of it was this pregnant, I actually gained 20 pounds during the pregnancy that ended and it didn't have time to disappear before my new pregnancy started. Sooooo... I'm normally 95 pounds and I am now..... 139! That definitely makes me feel like one heffer. And a half.

As of last week Skyler has engaged into my pelvis! And yes, I do waddle, but I put it down to the bad pelvic pain I've had for the past two months. Actually, that's cleared up a little bit. They say it doesn't get better until you give birth but somehow it has. My hips and back still kills if I get up from sitting or stand leaning on one leg, but it's been alright walking. The issue now is bum pressure, extremely frequent braxton hicks tightenings and lower period pains. What a joy!

Every time I get a tightening in my stomach I get pressure down below, which is seriously uncomfortable. My midwife told me last week that he might come any day now! She says that... And then I'm still pregnant by mid January... No doubt.

You know I'm positive he'll be here by December 19th. Just sounds like a good day, but that's exactly 7 days before his due date. But then again, it's full moon on Christmas eve and I'm in tune with the moon so that could be a very bad timing! Kids opening their gifts and I'm crawling around on the floor pretending everything's alright! Hahaha. I might not laugh in 20 days time...

That is it this week. We've finished buying everything we need for Skyler and most things have either stars or clouds on them! I've never felt my kids to have a 'theme' early on (Eden has grown into being all about stripes and he looks great in them) but with Skyler's name sounding like the sky it's just come naturally :P

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