Skyler 4 week update!


My little Skyler is now 4 weeks old and he has gained just over 2 pounds and is over 10 pounds! He has been giving us some big smiles and a couple of tiny laughs and gurgles and his head/neck is getting much stronger. He loves to spend his days sleeping and looking into my eyes. Nights he loves to growl, lay awake, fidget and refuse to burp. So first baby to seriously hack away my sleep! We've gone through 350 nappies and most of those were poos. I only changed 3 of those but now Gary's back in work and today was the second day we were all alone, me and the kids. It would be fine... except that somehow 3 and 5 year olds have no idea how to talk quietly which can give a sour faced baby. Stressful. But in reality, there's no difference from going from 2 kids to three. I think you either have one child or loads, it's all the same the more you have :D

Skyler still has jaundice though so the doctors keep wanting treatment but the bloods were normal so I'm really against it. I will leave it another 2 weeks and hope it goes away! Poor baby man.

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