Since last time


I didn't realise how long it's been since I updated my blog! Seriously, time is in some kind of warp zone. Obviously due to lack of sleep. He has gotten better though, only waking up 3-5 times a night, He still has a cold so that makes it hard for him to breathe sometimes.

Then it's the fact I can't put him down for a minute during the day, and I have to write this with one hand.
He turns 8 weeks on sunday and he's so good holding his head up. I just wish he could sit up soon because he hates laying down. He's constantly sleeping sitting up on me. 
His jaundice finally cleared this week so thankfully he won't need any more horrible heel pricks.

Vaccinations are due next week and nowadays there's five different ones but I only agree to the combined DTAP, it's bad enough they've added other pointless drugs into that one. I'm not one for medicines and all these meningitis, flu things are just a no. I know talking about vaccinations are very controversial today with one side saying NO and one saying YES. For me I think we shouldn't use any new products like this. Most of these vaccinations are new, within the last 16 years - what affect will they have on our kids? I recently read that a flu vaccine given to pregnant and children in 2010 are no longer acceptable on children due to increase of sudden epilepsy! I mean, no joke - do you not rather pick a cold over the possibilities of real damage?


On the 25th of January my Jesse turned 6 years! We gave him a desktop PC because he apparently need to play Minecraft on 5 different electronics :S

Weight loss is going alright (for the past 3 days). After the initial 20 pounds falling off, the remaining 25 decided not to so I finally started thinking about what I ate. But once I cut sugar out I wasn't hungry so my calories were around 600. In the past that would not have affected me but yesterday my blood sugar fell and I was shaking, fainting and so sick all day. I obviously breastfeed and can't sustain on that few calories. So now, even though I'm not hungry I still have to add other things in between the meals, like yoghurt etc

I've started doing a few exercises at home but I need to start running. For real. I'm just so tired I can't even get dressed.

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