2 months post-partum update


It's been almost 2 and a half months since I gave birth to our little Skyler man! He is massive, just over 12 pounds (5.6 kilos) but mostly he's grown so tall. He constantly surprise me with where his legs end. I'm like; what's that?? Surely he's not that big? Crazy lump. He's so strong, he's trying to pull himself up, trying to roll around and sits supported. He's constantly looking at my face and recently developed an interest in seeing me eat. He can't be any more perplexed :P

My weight and all is coming slowly. I've lost 24 pounds and STILL have 21 more to go. Above all I just want to be fit, get some muscles and get my body working. I can't even lift the duvet off me in bed without straining :S That's bad. I'm not really exercising much. I do a few sit ups/push ups/squats, but after 5 I'm like so done. My muscles are shaking and I can't move. I've ordered some running shoes so I can get out. Skyler feeds ever 30 minutes to an hour so I haven't been able to do anything. Just once I walked to the shop... To buy chocolate. Sad face. Anyway, I'm so depressed it's taking so long this time to get back to myself it's about time I do something about it.

My boys! <3

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