Protein World


How's it going everyone? I'm seriously feeling so inspired, because it's SPRING. Yeah it is, that means bird songs, flowers and the hope for warm days. I'm still super tired though as it's always someone or something keeping me up at night. 

These past couple of weeks I've picked up exercising. I've been running (once... my hands got cold) and Blogilates. I've done Cassey Ho (Blogilates on Youtube) at least 3 times a week. My muscles hurt so much afterwards and the videos has helped a lot. She's also refreshingly cheery which is always fun - and the fact is, Youtube is free <3

Diet wise, yeah of course I calorie restrict some days. But I still have McDonalds three times a week and we've been out to restaurants and I don't think about how much I eat. Life's too short. YoYo dieting IS the thing that works for me. I've always been hungrier some days and then I eat, if I'm not hungry then I don't. This keeps my metabolism on top form. I do however cut out sugar. I love sugar but it affects my skin so badly. I also used to have a binge problem where I thought that if I had one bad thing in a day I might as well ruin the WHOLE day, but I try to not think like that. Stopping after one big meal is better than to keep going. So now I have one 'proper' meal a day (protein salad, normal home cooked dinner, Mcdonalds etc) and the other meals are 'snacks', for example sugar free yoghurts or shakes.

I found Protein World in my local Superdrug and after EVERY single tv ad and celeb endorsing it I thought to try it. Fact is, I've been sticking to pure soy protein or Atkins as these are low carb, low sugar but Protein World actually joins in with the same low levels. I bought the strawberry flavour and it's nice, it is too thin for me though so I still mix it with my pure soy protein to bulk it up. PW It's is very sweet and sometimes has a bitter taste to it but you get past that.

Since I started with the shakes I've actually lost weight everyday, between 1-2 pounds. It does contain caffeine and other ingredients that many other brands don't.

Since my pregnancy I've had a really bad problem with low blood sugar and eating all the time was the only thing helping it - which wasn't working for weight loss! The Protein World shake literally works in minutes. You're not hungry after them and it removes the shakes I get from my sugar falling too much, and that's been the most amazing effect!

I'm not super focused on what the scales says though as I really want to tone and build muscles. I still have some fat on my stomach I need to lose to be able to see any abs and that's what my goal is.

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