Skyler; 3 month update


My little Skyler man is now 3 months and one week. I can't really believe it, he has grown so much. His 3-6 months pants is way too small for him and his bodysuits in the same size are getting tight, which is obviously weird - he's 3 months old, not 6! But he has a really fat tummy and long loooong legs.

He has started being fidgety in the day time where nothing is good enough. When he gets sour I give him a little bit of fruit pot which cheers him up a lot. He literally attacks the spoon that's how much he loves it :) Generally I don't think you should start introducing fruits first as they are quite sweet but he didn't appreciate the porridge and he's still a little too small to start making him food. I've bought a baby food blender though so I can make more healthy foods for him, like fish! I dislike british baby food jars so much, they all taste nasty, old, metallic and I don't understand why 95% are tomato based. It ruins clothes and it's very harsh and acidic for little baby stomachs. No, fish, dill and potato all the way :D

Skyler has also decided he much prefer me over his daddy. Sometimes Gary can hold him for a little bit but if I dare leave the room he screams like possessed. I would say I like the attention but after being a full time mum to three kids I'm actually over it a bit. I wished there was more me time in the day, that's for sure! He is a very happy baby though and he's super charming in the morning, which helps cause I'm not a morning person. We get out of bed around 9 or 10 then he's awake between 2-4 hours with 30 minutes naps in between all day. He only wakes up twice in the night but it doesn't make me feel any less of a zombie. Thankfully he has dropped his 3 am playtime, that was a killer. He just nurse and fall asleep. Done in five minutes.


He's very strong and can sit up for a few second before he falls to the side. Eden sat up at 4 months unaided and I think Skyler might follow that close behind. He is trying to crawl and he loves saying 'Hi' to us :)

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