Eden 4 years!


Two days ago my little Eden turned 4, how crazy is that? It's always weird when your children grow up, grow bigger. I think you'll always see them as newborn babies and every now and then you will wonder how on earth they got so big! He still hasn't gotten a better mood since day one though, he's always been a sour baby, toddler and now kid. So here's to the next 90 years of screaming and crying, Eden :D

Happy birthday!!!

The cool cake I made.

We didn't do anything at all on his birthday. Normally people get to decide what to do (play centre, water park, theme park, bowling etc) and then we go to a restaurant, but Eden hates leaving the house so all he wished for was to NOT go ANYWHERE - as he put it. He also didn't want to play family games or hang out. He sat upstairs with his new Skylanders traps (can you believe the tiny little Kaos trap was £22???? That's what the whole starter pack costs!!) All in all it was a good day because we have a policy that NO one is allowed to kick off on birthdays so it was probably the calmest day Eden has had all year :P He was happy, we all were happy. Job well done :D

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