I'm here


Yamaha you guys.
Haven't heard from me in a while. Well we are all alive. I'm stuck in some sort of unambitious rut and it is boring me out. My brain wants to do so much but I'm not allowed, because Skyler wants to sleep on me, eat on me and hang out on me. He's 4 months old now but there's no break for me in sight. When I try for a few minutes doing exercises or go for a run the whole world comes falling down, because babies are such drama queens! Like, I'm writing this with one hand while getting shoulder ache cause he is having his nap on me. Putting him down is out of the question. It does kill my motivation to be fair. Upside is they're not small forever. I know some people wish their kids could be newborns for 100 years and yeah they are cute as nothing else but I prefer them at a year old, when they're independent but still needs you, when they can walk and nursing feeds has been cut down to half. I still wouldn't leave my kids with anyone else until they're 2 but at least there's SOME me-time in there.

On a different note. I still feel un-toned and a bit fat. But need to spend more time on it. Right now I'm just squatting and planking where ever I go. Before toilet, before shower, in bed at night. Planking is so useful and squatting works while holding a baby. So thumbs up for those inactive active exercises. I'm just lazy.

Had my lips done again in case you're wondering. It was over 2 years ago since last time. I've had 2ml put in over two sessions. Just need to do my under eye circles now.

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