Should be a model


So I'm sure all parents think their kids are the best (if not - what's wrong with you?) but not being biased or anything but my kids ARE so good looking. Minus Skyler's persistent double chin in pictures and Eden who I never get a photo off unless I can bribe him with Kinder eggs... If anyone could work as a model though it must be Jesse. He takes direction great, even though he rather make funny poses. I might sign him up to an agency. He does say he wants to be rich so why not. Although I will take 85% :D

Here he is modelling a jacket from H&M.

But I guess he takes after me so what you gonna do ;)

btw, been thinking a lot about my Youtube videos and I need to seriously make one. I just don't want to sound stupid and foreign when I speak, it's just so cringe. Then, what shall I talk about?

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