HomeSense Haul (and video) ❤


A HomeSense store recently opened close to us (like 20 minutes drive) and I've been dragging my feet visiting, but boy am I glad I did! It's now my new favourite place (sad, I know). HomeSense is a branded store connected to TK Maxx (which sell heavily discounted clothes), and this is their home store. They find unique pieces from all over the world that sell at great prices. So if you are anything like me a and love loads of random stuff then definitely check them out. 

I wasn't planning on buying anything but literally HAD to. I'm trying to adopt a minimalistic approach to life but this shop makes me seriously rethink because everything in there was ahh-mazing (as I say 15 times in my video). They have home accessories, furniture, super cute storage boxes and garden decorations, every piece different from the next, and what's more - they get new deliveries of exciting stuff every week! Eeeeeeeeeek.

Serving plates: £4, wooden storage shelf: £7, plate and bowl: £2.49 each (bowl might have been less), oven dish: £6

This little Eiffeltower! £3.99

Cute serving plates. £4

Check out my FIRST ever video! Oh so cringe to make. Who knew it felt creepy talking to yourself :S

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