Farm adventure


A few days ago, Jesse developed a rash all over his body and face. It appeared in minutes while I was reading him a good night story and I'm not the best when it comes to germs and diseases so I got really scared it was something like measles or rubella or chicken pox! I didn't have these things growing up and haven't been vaccinated, so I had to change their bedding quickly and make a quick escape :P Later on I figured it wasn't anything like that, it looked like an allergy. He isn't allergic to anything but it's the only type of bumpy rash that can come up in minutes and be so itchy. He slept fine overnight so I gave him half an allergy tablet in the morning and the residual rash cleared up - phew.

I wonder what it could have been though? He didn't eat anything or touch anything new. We all are very intolerant to most types of washing powder/liquid but none of us has had an reaction quite like it, so I don't think it was that. It's weirdly worrying, but this is the second time in our new house we've encountered strange happenings. I say it hasn't happened to us, but our poor little Woody dog came in from his evening pee a few months ago and didn't come to bed. So we went down and checked and he just sat in the kitchen with the biggest, most swollen face I've ever seen in my life! I was so scared! The vet reassured us it would settle, but that in the future you can give them small doses of human allergy tablets - I didn't know that!

But you see, it makes me slightly wary :/ something isn't right, surely!

So, because of this allergy/non allergy situation, Jesse has been home from school. After the rash cleared we decided to pop over a nearby farm, because the weather was FINALLY better. It's been so bad being stuck indoors with the torrential rain that's been going on all summer.

I've not taken the kids to a zoo because I don't believe in it. I feel that even some farms are too closed up for the poor animals. We've been to monkey forest and Knowsley Safari park - which was super fun! I wish you could get out and walk with the lions, but I guess you'd be eaten then :D You also drive through an enclosure with monkeys that rip your car into pieces and do adult only activities on your bonnet. How is that not fun? :D

It was Skyler's first time to a farm and he loved it. Was looking long and hard at every random llama and baby pig. Aw, my baby is so cute <3

Any farms or open animal parks that you really love?

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