A few days ago we were cleaning our sofa and made the horrifying discovery that it was MOULDY between the sections! Someone clearly spilt something down it without telling us letting it rot away in the warm, humid weather. Our house has mould problems already because ventilation isn't good at all so it wasn't surprising. Not after last year when I opened my wardrobe one day and the entire back wall was covered in black nastiness. Such a struggle.

So, anyway. We popped over to Ikea (which isn't popping anymore as we live 40 minutes away from it - I used to live ten minutes away a few years ago! Buuu) and tried out some sofas. I really wanted to like their cheap and white and cheerful one but we realised it wasn't deep enough or big enough! Our family is getting quite large and it's a bit useless if not everyone can fit on it :P

We found a different one - Soderhamn, which was massively deep! And big, and comfortable. But I still want a white one, and £1050 is a lot for something that will be stained in a day. We need to hurry up with a decision though, can't stand germs!

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