Olympus Pen e-pl7 or Canon G7 X?


So I need an additional camera. I want to try my hand at everyday vlogging and also being able to easier take pictures when I'm out and about. For my sit down videos I use a Canon 600D but that's a big, heavy, awkward DSLR so it's rare I take that with me out. Actually, last time I did I brought it with me to a blog event and ended up spilling a sticky cocktail all over the top dials :S So it's hard to turn now!

My phone isn't great either. I have the Sony Xperia Z5 and its camera is appallingly bad. It freezes, video doesn't record at all, it elongates making your head look like an alien. The front camera is actually the only usable one but then the quality isn't there.

You see my need, don't you?!

When it comes to technology I like to take my time. I've had so many cameras that didn't live up to the hype, and the problem with point and shoot ones (like Canon G7 X) is that there's only one lens and if that fails or get damaged that's the end. I absolutely prefer the adaptability of additional lenses. They also take in more light as they are wider, meaning you get sharper photos. When I first saw the Olympus Pen e-pl7 I fell in love with the light colours and vintage look. The aperture, however, is a measly 3.5, which just won't cut it and I would have to get an additional lens and here is where Olympus lack. You can't get a zoom lens with usefully low aperture without spending £500 - and realistically, why would you do that for a compact system camera? I might change my mind on this in the future but my need right now is the video functions.

Olympus Pen e-pl7's problem is the screen - it only flips downwards. So if you hold it, it will be in the way. If you want to put it on a tripod then you need to get a special one which can fold sideways. Awkward. I've also noticed in vlogs that it isn't very good at keeping focused - although this can also be said about the Canon G7 X.

Most Vloggers has the Canon, most Bloggers has the Olympus. I need a camera good for video AND for photos.

Has any of you used either and what's your findings?

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