Why am I SO tired?


Why oh why am I always so tired! Yes, I have a baby that wakes me up a couple of times a night but I've had a fatigue problem since I was 14. It started getting increasingly difficult for me to get out of bed to go to school in the morning, I never came in before ten - but most teenagers are tired, aren't they? Hormones. It did however persist and I'm sure it gets worse with the years. When I was younger I had very high blood pressure and went and had EKG's done (where they measure your heart activity with little electrical pads on your chest) and even though they did find I had slightly high heart rate it wasn't dangerous. My normal resting pulse today is just under 130 and I can always feel my chest jumping.

I've always wondered if that's the reason for my tiredness? I guess if your heart beats faster your whole body works harder and it will lead to fatigue? 

I've been sinfully Googling symptoms and Google says I'm dead already, but if THAT isn't the main cause ;) then other things like food allergies/intolerance can also be a cause of fatigue. Now I know that I don't react well to sugar but even when I cut that out I'm oh so tired, what other food groups can make you feel sluggish? Wheat, naturally. Lactose? I eat a lot of grains, so gluten could be a culprit. Question is, if you cut a whole food group out, how long do you need to do that before you notice a difference?

I'm getting seriously exhausted from feeling so exhausted and it stops me from doing a lot of things. I definitely need to look into this... Or I'll just get a guest appearance in Sleeping Beauty so I can sleep for 100 years :D

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  1. They say that in 30 days you will notice a change if that's the problem. Google 30 days without gluten.

    1. Thanks, will definitely try, but will be hard without Burger King :O