Along came Moschino


I have a secret. I'm not a bag, shoe, accessory or jewellery kind of gal. It's rare I get a craving for any of those (I'm way more excited about technology, gaming, photography, MAKEUP and clothes, of course) but when I do I get it big. I still want a whole wardrobe full of Chanel, but that's for another day. 

A couple of months ago I expressed, to my husband, my want (need) for a Moschino bag (as my old bag literally disintegrated) because Moschino is one of the designer brands I've loved since my first expensive perfume when I was 14. It also helps they collaborated with Mattel and Barbie <3 

And today, there was a very secretive LARGE box that arrived. I couldn't believe my eyes! My husband is one of those that rarely buy gifts (poor me, I know) but when he does, it's something I really want. He's also usually insanely bad at keeping secrets, so that made it even more impressive. 

I'm probably far from cool by saying the 'wipeable' fabric really got me going. If you have three small kids you know what I mean ;) It's absolutely beautiful and just the perfect size to fit my massive purse, a small camera and even a spare nappy... Aaaaaaahhhh I'm so excited!

Does it not match my blog theme very well?!

It came extremely beautifully packed as well.

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