World breastfeeding week (VLOG)


Hey you guys. This week the world celebrated the positives of breastfeeding your baby. Those who know me know I'm quite the radical and opinionated when it comes to certain subjects - and breastfeeding is definitely one of them. In my later years I've come to the realisation I can't change the world. Some people just don't want to breastfeed and I accept that. I wish we all could live harmoniously but it has turned into a massive debate on what women should and shouldn't do in regards to feeding their children. Some have even gone too far in their agenda to bring hate speech to the breast is best community. It's turned into such a big negative spiral that I've definitely taken a step back. I mind my business and others can do the same. I will for ever and always be open about my PRO attitude towards it, just as I'm open about a lot of other subjects people might take as an offence. I believe in free speech - Just don't tell me to 'put it away' if you see me feeding my baby in the park ;) Or in the sweet aisle in Tesco!

I made a video about what I think. Don't be offended. I don't care at all how you wish to feed your baby as long as you feed it at all! <3

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