30 days without Gluten?


Yesterday I thought, "I've had enough of feeling tired and sick and sluggish" and I'm sure a lot of it is down to wheat. So many are intolerant to it today and it's no longer the only (or best) source of carbohydrates. I love/hate wheat though. Cakes, pizza and bread is a big part of our diet at the moment. I go through phases of healthy vs unhealthy. Right now I've had enough. I was health conscious for three years before I had children and meeting Gary. He is by FAR the worst to be around when you want to be healthy but lack certain motivational traits. I can be good, if there's no options. But then some people insist on bringing bad foods into the house and if it's there I HAVE to eat it. That's been my biggest hurdle for the past 5 years.

I feel it's more important to stand my ground and make everyone be healthy now. Everyone needs to make good choices. I'm not removing gluten for the kids, but they all definitely need to cut down on sugar (Gary too!) Sugar is my vice. I'm a sugar addict. I once beat it and stayed clean for 2 years, it was the best I've ever felt and looked. It's a difficult thing when sugar is both your friend and your enemy, but once I stopped eating it, I never thought about it again.

So, I'm starting with removing wheat for 30 days (and cutting back on sugar). Getting rid of it has never been a big part of me losing weight in the past, but I'm beyond that now. It's not the weight anymore, it's my overall health and well being. Gluten is converted into sugar in our bodies so it's NOT a good food.

I know this will be hard (as I've literally lived on McDonald's fillet o' fish since my last pregnancy) but it's only 30 days of my life - and if it turns out I DO feel much better, then I will have to cut back permanently.

Good thing I've gotten completely hooked on rice right now!

I started being wheat free last night and already forcing the rice dishes on the family. I made them all eat peas because I mixed them into a rice/chicken/vegetable wok. Guess what? If people are hungry, they eat it! :D

Anyway, 30 days starting from today. So, we'll see on September 8th how it went!

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