Blog more?


Okay, I hear you! There are actually some of you out there that still want me to blog! (Or that's had enough of my newfound Youtube venture...) But I've been thinking about it all for a long time.

A year ago, I never used Youtube. I hadn't ever watched a vlog or used Youtube as a source of information (other than for my weekly fix of Britney Spears videos, of course), fact was - I was a writer. I searched for what I wanted and needed in TEXT. I was a reader - I had seriously millions of BLOGGERS bookmarked on my explorer bar (Yep, I used Internet Explorer, until I realised I kept encountering problems when I tried navigating onto Youtube!) Then it all changed. I felt I no longer had the time, interest or engagement to write and even less read. And that's an appalling thought. My life used to be books, composing poems and starting writing numerous books. I also ran several successful blogs from the age of 12 - even though it was all HTML back then...

But then kids came along, and it all fell away. I can honestly say that writing this is mind consuming! I spend so many hours, days, weeks, months and years communicating with kids, toddlers and babies. There's just no way I can be a fully functioning, well spoken adult. And I'm ashamed of it.

Even if there's no one out there who cares about my blog, my opinions, my day, I still think about my blog and YOU each and every day. I miss it. Because it's creative, it's sharing and being open with the world.

Back to Youtube. Why did the blog then fade and Youtube found its footing? In one way I can say, my kids take all my time, I don't have time to write. But that would be a lie. Youtube takes much, much longer. It's a lot harder work and MORE work involved.

I can come up with all sorts of excuses. Like my camera no longer focuses whilst taking pictures and it frustrates me trying to get good photos for my blog (I know, I still need to upgrade my DSLR to something proper!)

But my main worry, if you'd like, is that it feels like You engage so much more, easier and better on Youtube. Do people even comment on blogs anymore? It makes me feel like I write for no one. But I know you ARE there. I just can't see you. Youtube is open. It's a social platform, where people want to join in, build a community.

I always used my blogs as an online diary. I wrote my hopes, my anger and about all life's crazy moments. In many ways, I don't think the blogging world is like that anymore. It's not personal, and I think it's there I've failed to progress and follow suit and I've felt lost in it all. It's all show and tell nowadays. Beautiful white houses, impeccable outfit posts and in dept beauty reviews.

Don't get me wrong here. I absolutely want to do all of those things. But how do you show a beautiful life whilst not showing the downs and still be real? CAN it be done?

I've wanted to revamp my blog for a long time. Move away from the purely written word design and focus more on pictures and presentation. I've tried it out but with the Blogger platform it doesn't seem doable. I need to move onto Wordpress but it always confuses me! That's why you're all are left in a state of disrepair, as I'm trying to figure out what's what.

If you have any pointers and ideas how to easily move to Wordpress (and should I use the website or the programme?) feel free to drop them in the comments. I DO want to build a community on my blog again, I just need my design to look inspired, so I can FEEL inspired and in turn inspire others.

I've been thinking about hiring someone who do blog design. Could that be a good idea? Comment yours!

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