Planning our Gender Reveal!


So we finally filmed one part of our Gender Reveal today! At first the kids were excited, as they've been all week, but after about 5 minutes the fun had worn out and they started being very difficult, then Gary turned even worse and he wasn't even in it! Seriously though, don't work with kids, animals or men :D A 5 minute job slowly turned to an hour but hopefully we got some footage. I need to film other parts to it as well and I haven't really gotten that far as to think of what to do. 

I'm excited anyway, even though I still won't 'know' this baby until it is confirmed at my scan on Valentine's day what the gender is. It's so much easier bonding with your unborn baby when you have a name to put to its 'face'. I've bought a couple of items but I'm still very wary and unsure. I really just want to go for it! 

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