Planning to Blog and where?


writing thinking inspiration with notebook and starbucks as a blogger

My plan today was to research upgrading my blog and come up with some ideas for what direction I want to take it in 2017. However it has been a somewhat futile attempt. The kids were home from school today and I can not explain how much Jesse and Eden argue. Everything is a problem, and even problems have issues. I put them outside in the snow for a bit but then the snow evaporated and they came straight back in again!

The joys of undisturbed parenthood... What? Undisturbed? Parenthood? Haha. No such thing.

What I did conclude was that YES I will move to Well, you won't, hopefully, see anything different except that my blog design will change. But it's very early in the planning stage for now, as you know. 

So, for now I will just blog on and write more here to get the ball rolling again.

I hope you all find your way back to me again :)

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