Pregnancy week 16!


pregnancy baby bump week 16

My little baby bump is now celebrating 16 long weeks! I can't really believe it's almost halfway through developing. I will be doing a combined 16-17 week video as I'm already 17 weeks on friday. Time flies... When you're having fun :)

This week, baby is the size on an avocado, so roughly 11.5 cm long from head to bum.

I've been feeling something, a bit like movements but not sure. I felt Skyler already at 9 weeks so it's been pretty weird not feeling this one when I've seen it to be quite the mover! I have some painful thumps happening to the right of my belly button, which is ridiculous. In a normal world, a baby at 16 weeks lay about 3 inches below the belly button, but I woke up yesterday and my uterus had grown so much! Like it really starts at belly button level now and it's such a visible bump when I lay down. I'll take a picture for next week and you can see, it's insane. Even when I had the gender scan yesterday the baby kicked so hard when she held the ultrasound doppler on the right of the belly button, and now I can't walk without constantly feeling it kicking, on the same spot! Ouch. Internal bruise alert.

When we got into the scan room the ultrasound technician told us straight away what it was. It literally showed us immediately and I burst into tears. Like I was crying all the way through the scan, and the woman was like... "Are you alright?" I was like "NOOOOO!!!!" Hahaha.

It has been so hard keeping it a secret from the kids. Jesse said; "Well, you know. It's better you tell me now, cause if we do the gender reveal and it's a boy you know I'll be really angry on camera. Do you really want that?!" Hahahahaha! Eden talks about the baby like it's a girl, so we'll see what happens :D

Either way. I just want to go shopping and I can't, because it's Jesse's 7th birthday on Sunday and I haven't even got him any gifts yet except for a really lame cereal dispenser he wanted! Like what? Hahaha. He's one weird kid.

On my pregnancy update video I will also talk about something pretty annoying AND important. As I had my 16 week midwife appointment last week and it really made me remember the type of bullying and fear mongering these people try to put mothers through. I know my opinion on things and I'm very tough in getting my way. But I wasn't always like that. I remember when I was pregnant with Jesse I was a "YES" sayer. I didn't know anything, I didn't know anything about pregnancy or what was involved. I didn't even have internet to research things (hell, I didn't even have a fridge!) and I had some awful care and labour and overall treatment due to this. I know now how important it is that you know yourself and what you need/want and I will talk about it in the video. 

For now, here's a couple of pictures taken of our last little baby at 16 weeks and 4 days <3

2d baby gender ultrasound scan

3d 4d baby gender scan ultrasound picture

16 week baby bump picture pregnant pregnancy gravid

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