Pregnancy week 24


It's pregnancy week 24! I'm still in the second trimester but it's only a couple of weeks left until the third. I had a big surprise on the scale this week and I now weigh almost 130 pounds - that's a 20 pound weight gain and 35 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight! Can't believe it.

This week is also viability week, which means that our little baby would have a big chance of surviving outside of the womb if she is unlucky enough to be born now (let's hope not!)

She weighs over a pound and measure between 30-33 cm in length from head to heel.
My waist measurement has remained unchanged from week 20, and still stands at 32 inches. I don't feel like my stomach has grown, but it does feel like she's filling it out more than before.

I'm starting to feel super excited about meeting her and I don't feel any stress about giving birth - yet...

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