Pregnancy week 26


This week our little baby girl measures about 35 cm in length and weighs almost 2 pounds! She's the size of a butternut squash (or head of lettuce, or egg plant) and she's been kicking up a storm. I don't think she has any sleepy time what so ever. Everything seems to startle her. Slight changes in sound, hot or cold touch on my stomach, weird seated positions - everything keeps her awake! And with three lively boys around the house it's never time for a break.

The movements are also starting to become more painful. Which means I'm becoming more agitated every time someone drops something on the floor and I get a mighty kick in the kidney!

I've also upped my toilet trips to every hour, and even more often during the night. It takes me 4 pees before I can even fall asleep, and this is causing me to develop a case of insomnia. There's just no point even trying to sleep with all the pee, baby kicks, discomfort.

My SPD/PGP hasn't been too bad this week - but I haven't needed to take the kids to school until today, which obviously help. As walking makes SPD worse as it grinds the ligaments and bones unnecessarily. Thankfully, they'll be off school for 18 days now as it's Easter holidays. Now I just need to find the energy to entertain three boisterous boys... For the best part of a month.

I'm also doing VEDA in the month of April - which means a Vlog Every Day in April. So it's a great time for you to follow my pregnancy a bit closer and more often, so don't forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss out!

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