Pregnancy week 38


New pregnancy week! And this week feels like... I definitely do not have another 4 weeks to go, that's for sure. It feels more like DAYS. The heaviness in my bum and vagina is getting ridiculous. It's not all the time but if she moves, I need a pee, I sit on the toilet or if I get a tightening then the heavy feeling is so bad I have to hold my breath.

I really don't want to give birth in this weather though. It's been 30 degrees and obviously, living in England there's no air conditioning. We don't even have a fan! So hopefully Gary can pick one up today after work if I manage to not go into labour before :P I can't imagine being sweaty and warm, pushing a baby out with no fan!

So you all know by now that I'm having a home birth. I did a blood test two weeks ago to check my iron levels as it's important I don't bleed too much with being at home and all during labour. The test came back and showed my levels were at 97, if it's under 105 then it's considered anaemic, and they were strongly against letting me have a home birth. Now, I hate hospitals, and the treatment I've received there and oh the SMELL of it. I also haven't ever been away from my Skyler for more than two hours so felt I needed to give birth at home. So it's been a pretty stressful week.

I redid the test a few days ago (after taking iron tablets for a week and upping my food intake) and thankfully it came back at 106! Just OVER the acceptable threshold. Thank you universe!

I haven't been able to make contact with the midwives though who were supposed to deliver the home birth kit two weeks ago, and these people do like to take their time... So we'll see if I go into labour without their supplies. Good thing I have some of my own then.

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