Exciting news!


Oh, here I am. Finally! So what happened? The last post was my Aurora's birth announcement and that was four (!!!!) months ago... Because yeah, she's four months old. I'm not going to give you the old excuses of life is hard with four kids (trust me, the toddler and the baby are not the energy suckers - it's the 7 and 5 year old! Man, people say babies are hard but they have no idea. Try dealing with tweenagers!) Nah, it's just part of life. I'm not going to excuse it by saying my PROPER camera still doesn't work (I need to get a new one) and taking pictures just isn't fun with a broken camera.

The reality is that I've spent the few moments I've had focusing on my Youtube channel. And a bit of Instagram - but again, camera issues. I kind of like my Canon g7x mark II BUT it's very temperamental. Sometimes it's great, other days it doesn't want to play along. It's like a little stroppy diva who you need to catch in the right mood.


But I'm here to share some news with you! (No I'm not pregnant again!) It's a bit like this: I've decided to focus on ME for a bit. And that's why I've decided to enter a Bikini/Fitness competition next year!

Say what?! 

Yep. 2018 will be the FIRST year in 9 years I'm going to work on myself. I'm using it as a goal to motivate myself to get FIT. I've always wanted to be toned, with moderate muscle definition. So that's what I'm going to do.

I currently suffer (slightly) from the SPD, bone ache I contracted during pregnancy (sounds bad, huh?) so lifting is still off the menu for a few months. I also exclusively breastfeed so won't be going to the gym for another 6 months.

My immediate goals will need to be reached at home by diet and body weight exercises.

I've uploaded my first video about it on my Youtube channel, so remember to check that out and I will keep you updated here as well.

Much love x

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