Let me present - Aurora!


I'm so happy a lot of you beautiful people found your way back to my blog after I FINALLY posted again two days ago (I know, right?) So I decided, why not tell you a little bit about my Aurora!

This little beaut is just over 4 months old and I can tell you - she's a whole dream come true. 
Most of you know how much I've wanted a girl and the name Aurora stuck with me for 8 long years. When I saw her face I knew she'd be mine forever and she's the best girl I could ever ask for.

I know people don't like to say a baby is 'good' because babies can't be bad (obviously), but they can be easy or challenging. I've had two very challenging babies in the past (due to very different reasons) and two easy peasy ones - Aurora is one of those. Even though her nights have been dreadful (with hundreds of feeds, refusing to burp, vomiting and long growly sickness bug) the rest of the time she's perfect. Well, as long as she's with me. You see, I'm not allowed to leave the room without bringing her with. The first month she had no problem being with her dad, but since then she's turned into a real mummy's pig and it's me or the highway. 

She never cry or make a fuss... Unless she's left with her dad that is. She can be perfectly fine in her walker or swing but ON her dad? Forget it.

In regards to growth. She's massive. Like in the 99th percentile. Both weight and length. She's a big baby, and yet she's still 100% breastfed. Those babies aren't typically all that fat. It does make it funner looking at her and her little baby rolls, because I've never had a chubby baby and it makes her so much cuter. I call her my chipmunk cheek because it looks like she stores a lot of food in her cheeks! Awful, I know. I'll stop when she's older and understands me 😊

You and me against the world RoRo 💗

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