Painting my Bedroom


When we moved into our current house 2.5 years ago I decided to paint my bedroom stripy pink, because why wouldn't you? I'm not sure pink is relaxing for your brain because the light it emits is pretty harsh, which is why it's been causing issues when I've been trying to film in there. It kind of makes a flat, over exposed, sometimes orange light. Like taking pictures is fine, but something weird happens when I film. So I've been trying to clean up the room and come up with ideas on how to make the light better. And I'm sure it's all in the walls. Pink and red hues are light suckers.

Seeing as we are still trying to find a larger house I don't want to spend too much time and effort into remaking this house, which is a ball ache as I see so much in every room I wish I could change.

But I decided enough was enough and I wanted a less pink room. So with my handy helper Jesse we painted a wall. Yeah, only one wall. It's the wall I use as a backdrop in my videos.

I realised that the paint I bought wasn't really 'white'. It was called Vintage Lace or something and is quite greyish white. But I guess that works as well!

If you want to see the finished result, I filmed a speed painting video which is up on my Youtube channel.

So I didn't have a 'before' picture of my pink wall because... Well, I don't know anyone who takes random pictures of their empty walls? Here's a picture from a couple of months ago instead!

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