Another Year Older!


At 00.56 On the 23rd of October 1988 a 3.6 kg strawberry blonde baby was born in a tiny village in Sweden. And that little girl was ME. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

It's such a weird feeling that I'm sat here, at my computer 30 years after that (probably) very cold night (I mean it was Sweden), imagining what the world would have looked like without me - none of my kids would exist, my husband would be permanently a bachelor 😂 and I assume there would be fire and storms and rain and much like a big black hole? In my imagination anyway... Thankfully, to the entire planet, I AM alive. I WAS born. And all is well 😂 

The day before my birthday, there was a knock on the door. I was too busy unpacking our Halloween costumes to care (after all, it was probably yet another delivery. I do have a shopping addiction. Don't judge), but to my surprise - in runs this high energy whirlwind that is my sister Sofia (middle one)! She lives in Sweden and I rarely see her. It came as such a shock I actually started crying. I hardly ever cry, and less so from happiness so it was very, very fun. I am so grateful she did that for me as it's impossible to surprise me. Thinking about it... It was slightly suspicious when she a couple of days earlier had asked me if I lived near a Primark 😂 She could only stay a couple of days but we managed to squeeze in shopping (Primark, Tk Maxx, Disney store - all the important ones of course), an awesome dinner at TGI Friday's (where they gave me free cake and sung me a very loud and embarrassing birthday song) then there was still room for a VERY huge glass of Pina Colada!

I decided to dress up as Meghan Markle this Halloween... Jokes aside. I somehow really love this whole suits/secretary type of outfit. I've never had an office job or gone to schools with uniform so this blouse/skirt thing is so exotic - so now it's my super fancy going out and dress up gear 😃

Here's a bit of a Snapchat filter for you all. I've decided life is too short not to walk around looking like a Snapchat filter 😅

I had an awesome birthday week, and I got more pictures (especially with the kiddies) that I'll pop up on here soon too!

I want to give a massive thank you to each and every one who made my day as great as it was - from the surprises, to the gifts and food and cakes and thank yous and special Instastories. It ALL mean so much to me 💓

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  1. Happy birthday! Your pics are lovely and it looked like you had a ball :)