I'm Back!


It's been almost a year.
Who could have imagined I would ever take a break this long from blogging? Me neither. I first started blogging 18 years ago. That's almost a life time 😅

I'm not going to come up with an excuse. You all know I started focusing on my Youtube channel and that's been hard enough to juggle with 4 kids who can't listen for a second and just let me do what I want 😂

But I've missed YOU, I've missed writing. So here I am.

What's happened in the past year since you heard from me?

Well, my kids are growing up. Jesse is 8, Eden is 6, Skyler is almost 3 (in December!!!) and Aurora is 1.
I'm not famous on Youtube yet 😂 but we have finally moved house! Our new house lacks certain things our old house had - like we have much less garden. But I'm not going to lie here, we hardly ever used our garden because there was too much to manage, too much grass. It just turned into a massive hassle.

Our new house is in a new town (a town which has nothing. If I tell you there's not even a Tesco or a McDonalds within a 7 mile drive then you'll understand...) and it's a new build. We always did want a new build. Yes, they are smaller in size. But they are fresh. Our old house was falling apart. Cracks and holes and dents in the walls. It was giving me some serious OCD. This house is smooth. And pretty awesome. We were also lucky enough to get a good sized 3rd bedroom (old house only had 2). Because let me tell you, new builds and their third bedrooms... You couldn't even fit a chair in them. Probably great as a walk in wardrobe though.

We moved in last month, so even though it was pretty fresh, me being me, I have to do every single room to my taste. And the white walls still need a fresh coat. It'll just feel and look better. We've focused on the bathroom - it took us 3 days to wallpaper it because we SUCK at wallpapering. In the end it turned into a massive puzzle because I refused to buy another roll 😂 

I will show you some awesome pictures if the house ever gets done. But everything always is a work in progress. I can never be too happy, there's always improvements to be made. I also bought the most awesome pink bed ever. Wait and see. It'll be so good! 💗

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