Happy Halloween!


I hope all you beautiful Ghouls out there had an awesome Halloween! We actually did this year. I think it was the first major occasion without (too many) tantrums. So I call that a success.
We had a pretty chilled time with some pub food (in a haunted pub of course!), went trick or treating (you can watch our Halloween vlog HERE) and watched a couple of scary movies - Jesse's choice, so it was Mama and Finders Keepers. Better than last year when Eden chose to watch Chucky 😂 Literally the least scary thing ever!

I'm sorry for my awful pictures (no Instagrammer here - taking pictures AFTER we've eaten 😂😂). I swear I tell myself every day to actually TRY - "use your expensive cameras and get some REAL memories..." But then I just take pictures on either my phone or my vlog camera 😅 Life gets too messy at times. I'll get better, I promise!

Who needs makeup when there's a Snapchat filter for that??

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  1. You have a lovely family! <3 Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!Love from India.