Professor Scrubbington's & Derian House Hospice


Hey guys, this is an important one that has really touched me. Children's skincare brand Professor Scrubbington's asked if I could let you know, that in November and December - if you purchase any of their products in Booths Supermarkets then Scrubbington's will donate a bottle to the children of Derian House Hospice, in a winter warmer campaign.

Professor Scrubbington's has developed a range of bath products to help children wash themselves - and there's even a roll on deodorant for those early stinkers!

The brand prides itself on working with a number of charities aimed at children, and as I'm a mum of four I'm thrilled to be able to help them, help others.

The buy one, give one campaign in Booths stores will see Professor Scrubbington's donate much appreciated and useful items to the children at Derian House Hospice - a charity that provides help, care and support to children and young people whose lives are just too short.

With Christmas pending, it's easy to get stuck in the hustle and bustle of gifts, cooking and to do lists. But to me, this is the time of the year I send even more thoughts to those who need it the most. Why not get it all done at the same time? If you are in the north west then you'll have a Booth's store near you. This Christmas you can gift one of the kids you know a bubbly bubble bath and know that another child was given the same. My babies love a bubble fest and I know what a joy and fun event bath time is.

Thank you so much to the team and people behind Professor Scrubbington's who sent me these items and are doing so much to children who have a hard time. I adore the old fashioned style bottles and the scent of sweet flowers. We will definitely be buying more of these products!

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