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In Collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery

Peeps! I'm swinging by my own blog (I know - *gasp!*) to show you some amazing outfits! In a collaboration with I picked out FOUR beautiful styles that are just up my street.

I must confess... Being a mum of four I just don't own a sexy, flashy wardrobe. It's mostly pyjama bottoms with holes in them or tops covered in the kids chocolate (or... Could be something more sinister too, I rather not think about it), so when Femme Luxe asked me if I'd like to swap my rough wear for something a little bit classier I jumped at the chance - and I feel like a new woman!

femme luxe finery dress
Blue Dress | HERE

I have a weird thing with clothes since becoming a mum. It feels like nothing fits like it should. All the bits I don't want to show, somehow SHOW. I love tight fitted clothing but they aren't always flattering. But this brand! These outfits fitted me JUST right and very true to size at an 8. I felt awesome wearing these. Femme Luxe do amazing women's dresses - I'm sure these pictures speak for themselves!

femme luxe finery dress
Pink Jumpsuit | HERE

Hello! Can someone say - BOOTY. I don't have one of those but this jumpsuit made it look like I do 😂

femme luxe finery dress
Black Bodycon Dress | HERE

femme luxe finery dress
 Pink Lounge set | HERE

I'm really impressed with these clothes. I've always thought that cheaper items will look and feel cheap but in this case that's so not true. I love these and I will definitely continue buying from Femme Luxe Finery

In Collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery

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