When one door closes another one opens


Last year I read my yearly horoscope - which I do every new year, month, week and day. Because they are almost always true (don't fight me on this one), and it told me that by April 2019 I might not recognise my life anymore.

I kept wondering what that meant. What big event was going to unfold that could change the direction of my life? It was laughable. My life had been in a stand still since I first got pregnant in 2009. From doing a lot to all of a sudden spend the next 10 years forgetting who I was, living to keep others alive. I would say I had no direction, and I was okay with that, because I believe we are in the place we are supposed to be and when that place is changing, so do we. I would be ready for change, whenever it came to me.

Then I turned 30 - the age I believe we turn truly adult. We should have our shit figured out. Marriage, awesome career, owning - not renting, maybe a kid planned on the horizon somewhere.

I started with kids, then marriage, then more kids, then some more kids. Then that's all I knew. My kids are my world and I am every thankful I decided to have them early.

What I didn't know last year when I turned 30 and read my horoscope was that I would have to start from scratch - minus the alone part, this year.

I've always been vocal in my feelings - I always wanted to be heard. But it never happened for me. So there's no surprise to anyone when I'm opening up to you. In my last ever post on Mialarby.com

My life IS changing. This year is the first year I finally figured out what I wanted. What I needed and what I deserve.

I started two businesses (alongside my Youtube channel - which took a backseat) which I am currently in the process of building up. My first one is a Personalisation Company called FIFTYthoughts which can be found on ETSY - is it making me rich? Well not monetarily yet but every order fills my cup of accomplishments a little bit at a time.

The second one which I'm starting end of summer/early autumn is a Beauty business. I've always been interested in it - to the point it's been my life. I never thought to actually do it for a living. But I've been busy studying and working for my diplomas and the first services I'll be offering are Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extensions - I'm very excited! You can find my company TINDRA Beauty on Facebook - it would mean the world if you liked my page and supported me (Also on Instagram)

Then this summer, after many years of back and forth, I finally came to the conclusion that my marriage wasn't working for me. We've been through so much that neither of us can look past, and the years got worse and worse until no one was happy anymore.

So this month I filed for divorce. I am currently looking for accommodation elsewhere.

You can believe or not believe horoscopes all you want - all I know is that it's true that I no longer recognise my life anymore. But through it all, I know I will be happier.

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